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We welcome you to join us!

Our Life Member Barrie being presented with his Life Membership certificate.

N.B. Links to other information are blue.

Headings are red.

Please download and complete the attached Membership Application form.

The PDF version to allows online annotation.

Internet banking is available. Please refer to details on the membership form.

Membership Fees: $20 per adult, children 8 – 17 years are free.

This fee enables participants to be registered members, includes the annual payment for personal accident insurance whilst participating in club activities.

Email addresses are no longer shown in communication due to privacy.

Please add your emergency contact details and serious health issues to the back of your name badge.

We also highly recommend adding the Emergency and the ICE apps to your phone.

View our page for further information:

Other documents

Congratulations to the members who have completed the Cabochoning course.

This shows that our efforts to establish a workshop has attracted new members for our club.