Library List

1Mineral RecognitionIriis Vanders& Paul F Kerr1
2Gemstones of VictoriaDerrick Stone1
3Marvellous World of MineralsPierre Bariand1
4How and Where to Find GemstonesBill Myatt1
5Pebble Polishing & JewelleryCedric Rogers1
6A Treasury of Australian GemstonesK J Buchester1
7Lapidary for Pleasure and ProfitEric Shore1
8Prospectors’ Guide to GemstonesN&R Perry1
9Jade CountryTheo Schoon1
10Minerals and RocksDr J Kourimsky1
11An Introduction to the Mineral KingdomRichard H Pearl1
12The Australian Gemhunters GuideK J Buchester1
13Catalogue of SA Minerals-1983R J Noble&J Just1
14Geology of the Hunter ValleyBeryl Nashar1
15Australian Rocks and MineralsSharman N Bawden1
16Gems for the TakingMary L T Brown1
17Dana’s Mineral & How to Study themEdward Salisbury Dana1
18Panning and Prospecting for BeginnersH K Garland1
19Opal SA GemstonesL C Barnes & I J Townsend1
20Living with MineralsA T Armstrong1
21Australian Rocks and MineralsSharman N Bawden1
22Australian GemstonesSharman N Bawden1
23Australian Gemstones In ColourN & R Perry1
24Practical GemmologyRobert Webster1
25How To Find Australian GemstonesDerrick Stone – Doug Scott1
26Australian Rocks And MineralsJohn Child1
27Australian Precious OpalsDouglas Stone & R Butt1
28Guide to Australian GemstonesReaders Digest3
29Metals And MankindP.Kogan M.Sc1
30Guide To Australian MineralsJohn A Talent1
31Rocks And MineralsHerbert S Zim1
32Pebble PolishingEdward Fletcher1
33Cabachon CuttingJack R Cox1
35 Step by Step Jewelery WorkshopNicola Hurst1
36Guide to Black OpalKieth RigbyDVD  1
37Lightning Ridge Black OpalsDVD  2
38 Trophy Winning Facet CutsAfton Giacomini1
39Gold Fossicking QldBarry Neville1
40Qld Gold MapAcacia Press2
41Gold at the Ten MileBrian  Lloyd1
42The Golden DreamNancy Keesing1
43Discover Qld OpalPictorial Pres1
44Gold ProspectingDouglas Stone1
45Gold Seekers of the 1890`sAust Post1
46Introduction to EnamellingPam Paterson1
47The Crystat BibleJudy Hall1
48The Crystal Bible Vol 2Judy Hall1
49The Essential Crystal HandbookSimon & Sue Lilly1
50FossilsDK Pockets1
51An Introduction to the Rock Forming MineralsDeer, Howie & Zussman1
52Discovery Stories of modern mineral explorationAlan Trengove1
53Discover OpalsStephen Aracic1
54A Field Guide to Australian OpalsBarrie O`Leary1
55Opals of the Never NeverRobert G Hall1
56South Australia`s OpalState Publishing1
57Opals Rivers of IllusionsAlina Loneck1
58The Opal BookFrank Leechman1
59Opals in South AustraliaSA Dept of Mines /Energy1
60Sweat Tears and Blood Red OpalRon Mckenzie1
61Beautiful OpalsAustralia`s National GemLen Cram1
62Beautiful Yowak Black gate & KoroitLen Cram 1
63Beautiful Queensland OpalsLen Cram1
64Beautiful Opals of the DesertLen Cram1
65Beautiful Yowah and KoroitLen Cram1
66Beautiful Lightning Ridge Len Cram1
67Gemstones of Western AustraliaFetherston & Stocklmayer &  Stocklmayer1
68Geology of Western Australia’s National ParksPeter Lane1
69Fossicking Areas in TasmaniaC A  Bacon & R S Bottrill 1
70The Concise Illustrated Book of Rocks and MineralsRichard Moody1
71Introduction to LapidaryPansy D Kraus1